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A Basic Overview of How Solar Led Street Light Work

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

How Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

work whether you are talking about small garden lights found in any large store or commercially produced solar lighting system, they all offer the same functionality. The difference between them is in design. The following is a basic overview of how solar led street light work.

Any light has four main components; solar panels, batteries, control electronics and fixtures. During the day, solar panels generate electrical energy that charges the battery through photons generated by the sun's rays and collects and stimulates electrons in the silicon cell. These electrons are knocked out by the wiring of the solar panel and collected and sent to the battery for storage. This happens when the sun begins to rise until the sun sets. Full power production does not actually take place until noon; however, panels can generate electricity in almost any sunny environment.

The battery then stores the electrical energy generated during the day. The control electronics determine when it is dark by noticing the reduced power production of the solar panel. This will trigger the system to stop powering and turn on the luminaire. The luminaire then removes energy from the battery to produce light. The luminaire then operates the schedule profile for its set-up, whether it is dusk to dawn or under certain lights, when the battery is exhausted. When the battery is too low or the control electronics notices that the solar panel is generating power again, the indicator light will go out.

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