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Why Add Minerals to Your Ro Spare Parts

kokoelekokoele Posts: 18Registered User Muffin
edited June 24 in Suggestions and Feedback

Most Ro Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC)

do a good job of removing contaminants, but during the purification process, all minerals are also removed, making the water very pure, but very flat "dead water." Most people don't like the taste of RO water, so usually don't drink a lot of water, it's not a good thing. RO water is very acidic, has no minerals, is not a very healthy drinking product, usually 5.6 to 6 PH.

Why do we need to add minerals to your RO water Minerals give the water a good taste and raise the pH to a healthy level, resulting in a very pure mineral alkaline taste. You have ever had a mineral-filled hawthorn drink and appreciate its freshness and taste. In addition to the taste of minerals in the water, minerals are good for health. Normally, we take most of the minerals from the food we eat, that is, if you are eating healthy fruits and vegetables instead of eating large amounts of acidic drinks and snacks. Many people today do not eat the best food, resulting in no minerals in their diet. Mineral alkaline water just adds beneficial minerals to your body and you never have too much minerals. Tasting delicious water can encourage most people to drink more obvious choices.

If your RO system is not too old, you can add this system to your existing system in less than eight years. A single stage mineral filter is attached to the faucet. Our single-stage mineral filters have granular natural minerals that are absorbed into the water as it flows through the filter, just like the water flowing into a mountain stream. The added minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace elements. These elements have good health benefits and help to provide you with the best mouth water.

The mineral filter also contains some carbon, which is made from coconut shell, which is the purest carbon. This carbon finishes the final polishing of the water, ensuring a fresh taste and not being outdated by sitting in the RO tank. All the mineral alkaline water you use including coffee, tea, soup and general cooking will taste better, even your scotch and water will exceed the top!

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