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The Only Difference Between Solar Led street Light Systems

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The only difference between Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

systems is the operational profile and the system components used to build the lamp. The small lights you find in the garden's home improvement store usually provide one night of electricity. They charge small batteries during the day and can operate the lights as long as the battery is charged. This full depth of discharge is only available for a short period of time before the battery needs to be replaced.

Some larger solar led street light manufacturers believe that the above design is suitable for commercial practice. However, there are large system failures due to differences in the locations and applications that need to be considered when designing the system. Large commercial production lamps must take into account the location of the project, the applications that will be used, and other project details. At least five nights of autonomy or backup power should be implemented to reduce system maintenance and provide adequate backup in the event of inclement weather with few faults.

Application-specific luminaires should also be used. If you have a large area that needs to be illuminated, a small spotlight will not produce the required level of illumination. Instead, using a luminaire that produces a specific optical and distribution pattern will ensure that the luminaire meets the needs of the project. You also need to consider the lumen output of the fixture, not the wattage. Lighting analysis and calculations can show all of this and can be provided by any reputable solar led street light manufacturer.

So basically this is the case. The solar led street light charges the battery with solar panels during the day, and then the lamps power the battery at night.

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