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Led Street Lights Manufacturers of LED UFO Lights High Color Rendering Index

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

LED flying lights advantages: energy saving, environmental protection, long life, low heat, safe, no flicker, no noise, no UV, good color, standard lamp (E27, B22), and so on.

The following talk about the main features of Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC)

for LED flying saucer Details:

1, energy saving: LED flying saucer than traditional incandescent energy saving more than 85%, more than 50% energy saving lamps or more;

2, environmental protection: traditional lamps contain a lot of mercury elements, UFO LED High Bay Light if broken mercury will evaporate into the atmosphere, serious pollution of air and water resources, LED flying lights do not contain mercury and any harmful substances, is a completely environmentally friendly lighting.

3, long life: up to 50,000 hours or more, is 30 times the ordinary light bulbs, long-term use without the need for replacement, the ordinary family lighting can be described as "once and for all", more difficult to replace the occasion.

4, less heat: the traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat, LED flying lights in the process of using the temperature is between 30-50. The LED flying saucer lamps are all converted to light energy, UFO LED High Bay Light will not cause energy waste, and long-term exposure to the file, clothing will not produce fading phenomenon.

5, security: LED flying saucer body itself is the use of epoxy resin and not the traditional glass, there is no hidden danger of traditional lamp. Even if hit on the floor, it will not easily damaged, UFO LED High Bay Light you can rest assured that use. Especially the seismic performance is good, easy to transport process.

6, no flicker: the traditional fluorescent use of alternating current, so every second will produce 100-120 times the strobe. LED flying saucer is a direct conversion of alternating current into direct current, will not produce flicker, eliminate glare, sublimation visual effects, eliminate visual fatigue, completely to protect the eye effect.

7, no noise: LED UFO lights will not produce noise, UFO LED High Bay Light for the use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the best choice, can also be used for libraries, offices and the like.

8, no UV: LED UFO lights will not produce ultraviolet light, because the LED flying saucer light emitted more gentle, so not like the traditional lamps as strong ultraviolet rays, so there are many mosquitoes around the light source. With the LED flying saucer lights in the room will become more clean, hygienic, clean.

9, the standard lamp: universal standard lamp (E27, B22), can directly replace the existing halogen, incandescent, fluorescent.

10, color is good: color rendering index of up to 90% or more, luminous efficiency can be as high as 100lm / w, a variety of color temperature optional, high color rendering index, good color. Popular beauty: LED flying saucer product design fully reflects the spirit of the trend, the appearance of fashion, elegance, sections of creative.

11, all LED UFO lights factory by the aging test, UFO LED High Bay Light effectively eliminate the Weld and other bad products factory, we fully guarantee the highest quality sales;

12, from procurement to sales, the use of ERP software, computer information management, reduce unnecessary inventory and capital backlog, to ensure that the same quality lower than the peer price of 10% to 20%.

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