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Shadow Fight 3 Hack

Samatha69856Samatha69856 Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon

Why it is worth downloading Shadow fight 3 [MOD: Money] 1.18.5
Shadow fight 3 is a continuation of the very popular action game "Shadow Boxing". As in all the previous parts, you have to fight with enemies, earn money and become the best warrior in the world. In contrast to the previous parts, there will already be not dark characters, but completely open and traced. Very cool combat system, more improved than in previous parts. As before, fight in tournaments, complete a certain number of missions to fight with the boss. Buy yourself cool weapons, armor and equipment. Another cool feature is that, now in rare gear, there will be a special skill that can be used when accumulating shadow energy in battle. The graphics are great, cool effects and animations, everything looks beautiful and high quality. The music is quite atmospheric and perfectly suited to the gameplay in the game. The application is free, but requires the Internet, good luck and a good game!
Game features:
Cool combat system
Great graphics
A lot of equipment



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