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Solar LED Street Light Installation Steps

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess
  1. Determine the location of the Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

    and investigate the geological conditions. If the surface is soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened, and there is no other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) under the excavation position. The top of the solar LED street light obstructs the object for a long time. Otherwise, the position is changed appropriately.

  2. At the position of the solar LED street light (excavation) conforms to the standard 1.3 m pit, the embedded part is placed in the middle of the square pit, one end of the PVC threading tube is placed in the middle of the embedded part, and the other end is placed in the battery memory (as above Shown). Note that the embedded components are kept at the same level as the original LED solar street light (or the top of the screw is at the same level as the original surface, depending on the site), and the side should be parallel to the road, which ensures that the pole is upright and not tilted. Then, the C20 concrete is cast and fixed, and the vibration and vibration are stopped during the pouring process to ensure the overall compactness and firmness.

  3. After the construction is completed, remove the residual sludge on the positioning plate in time, and use the waste oil to remove the impurities on the bolt.

  4. Concrete solidification process, regular maintenance. Concrete to be completely solidified (typically over 72 hours) in order to install the luminaire.

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