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LED Street Lights Manufacturers Enter The Fast Growing Stage of Growth

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

It is understood that with the rising and falling cost of LED technology, LED landscape lighting, decorative lighting and backlight applications have matured in the small size field, large-size backlight areas, large-screen displays have entered the rapid growth period of the development of the field, general lighting products will Enter the stage of rapid development.

NO1: Packaging and Labeling: The product that the Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC)

is required to indicate on the outer packaging is as follows: rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power and voltage range. In general, high-quality label printing quality is good, clear, easy to fall off, wiped with a soft damp cloth, the logo is clearly visible, not easy to erase, with the manufacturer's trademark and certification mark. Product failure, poor print quality, fuzzy fonts, easy to wipe, no manufacturer's trademark and certification mark.

NO2: Pay attention to whether the EMI LED will interfere with other sensitive wireless devices, such as TV, (export to the US to comply with FCC-ClassB standards).

NO3: The real LED energy-saving light, with a three-color tube, the white hand looks whiter. In addition, from the perspective of the luminaire, the luminaires can be put together, and its tubular shape and dimensional consistency are good, suitable for machine bending, and most of them are mass-produced products. Product consistency, quality is easier to guarantee, and has better interchangeability. Of course, the appearance will not break, loose, and the interface between them is precious. During the installation process, the bulb should not be loose and the head tilted when disassembled.

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