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Phoenix City to Cooperate With World Renowned LED Street Lights manufacturers

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

According to the local government, by 2019, the LED street light replacement program will use the updated, brighter LED streetlights to illuminate the yellow high-sodium road bulbs in the to-do list of all cities in Phoenix, including approximately 100,000 non- LED street light. The program will be completed in cooperation with world-renowned Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC)


The existing traditional street lights currently mean a lot of electricity bills for local authorities. In addition, maintenance costs account for a large proportion of street light costs.

A small number of street lights in the downtown area have been converted to LED street lights. And the effect is very good, welcomed by the local residents, so the plan of nearly 100,000 people will be on the road to nearby neighbors.

Monica Hernandez, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Street Department of Transportation, said workers would try to minimize disruption. “In the vicinity, we will work during the day,” she said. Light replacements on major roads will occur at night, "to avoid some heavier traffic," she said.

The replacement of traditional orange lights with new white LED street lights will provide greater efficiency as a superior way of saving energy and repairing bills to local authorities. It is estimated that it will save more than $22 million by 2030.

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