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LED Public Lighting Is A Highly Efficient LED Device

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)

is a highly efficient light emitting diode device. It must operate in a constant DC environment to consistently emit intense light and illuminate the world. The advantages and disadvantages of the drive will directly affect the brightness and quality of the light. How to choose good LED public lighting is the key to manufacturing LED lamps with excellent cost performance.

Currently, LED public lighting has three types of led drivers.

The first is the resistor capacity power supply to be eliminated.

The second is a non-isolated switch constant current power supply.

The third is a new high-voltage linear constant current led power supply.

At present, the main products of LED incandescent lamps are C35 candle lamps and A60 bulbs, which have a very narrow space for installing led power.

In the early stages of LED public lighting development, only annular plastic parts were added between the glass bulb and the base to expand the space that could accommodate the power module. With the advent of a new generation of LED filament driver chips, many of the necessary protection functions for LED drivers are concentrated in the chip, and the application circuit is more compact. The peripheral components of the application circuit are more scarce and the production cost is further reduced.

Today, a new generation of drive power chips and a small footprint solution can meet the requirements of incandescent lamps without plastic parts.

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