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Is cheating using bots cheating?

pokercheaterspokercheaters Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon
At any of the slower tables you can find people waiting for the tables full of bots to show up. All players have billions of chips. They sit alone and wait. Or stand and sit at the same time as the bots. Go to any normal speed table and you will see it. I started a twitter account documenting these players. I report them every single time I see them. Some over a dozen times and nothing is done. One particular player I called out transferred her chips to her second account and claimed she closed the original. But I knew she had two. She claims it’s just happenstance that bots show up when she plays. Yet not once have I ever had a bot show up when I’m playing. She says not cheating if bots come. I saying stealing from a thief is as bad as stealing. What’s the official position from Zynga? You can go to my Twitter which I assume I cannot post here. But the @ is the same as my username here.


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