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LED Public Lighting Maintenance Guide

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)

system consists of several different components, each of which needs to be replaced after a long period of operation. These components include LED drivers, light engines, housings, protection components and control systems. Semiconductor circuits in LED drivers will be more susceptible to failure if they are exposed to consistently high temperatures without proper engineering and thermal management techniques to withstand and dissipate heat. LED, a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial LED public lighting systems, uses a passive thermal control technology that eliminates the heat of the drive itself and dissipates heat by integrating the ambient airflow over the heat sink. Facilities that choose an LED public lighting system with a good thermal management system typically have lower maintenance and replacement requirements for the system.

Collisions and other physical shocks of the equipment can damage the luminaire and enclosure in different operating environments. If the facility expects its lighting to withstand high levels of physical stress, it should choose a fixture that can withstand these stresses. If these pressures are caused by wet, corrosive or corrosive environments, such as high humidity indoor growth facilities, chemical plants or oil rigs, the facility can further reduce its repair and replacement needs against those environments by selecting a rating LED system.

In addition to component failure, the quality of light from the LED source will decrease over a long period of time. When the amount of light produced by the LED common illumination is less than 70% of its initial light output, the LED light is typically replaced. The well-designed LED lighting system does not fall to this level until 50,000 hours, and in many cases it can be used continuously for up to 100,000 hours.

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