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Public Lighting Reduces Our Urban Burden

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

How does the city maintain this growing asset? Many cities around the world are implementing public lighting(CLASSIC)

programs for two main reasons, economic growth and community security. Public lighting supports economic growth by increasing the time it takes people to dine and play after dark. At the same time, research shows that public lighting can reduce crime rates by 20% and traffic accidents by 35%.

However, financial barriers and institutional constraints have prevented many municipalities from adopting such “low-hanging results”. Although the energy and cost savings potential of LED public lighting is much greater than the initial investment, and the physical transformation is relatively simple, the cost of capital is still higher than the traditional technology. Unsubsidized LED luminaires cost two to four times more expensive than high-pressure sodium-steam (HPS) luminaires, depending on taxes, exchange rates, the absence or presence of local manufacturing, and the size of the LED program. For urban governments with few resources, capital investment may be too high. Many cities in developing countries either lack the credit to raise funds in the market, or the cost is so high that the feasibility of the lighting plan will be greatly reduced. In addition, cities may face challenges, including perceived barriers, lack of a supportive regulatory environment, and low institutional capacity to develop and manage complex business models.

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