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Zynga why you banned my account?

LuckyRiLuckyRi Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
edited April 27 in General Discussion

Zynga my account with User ID number (74914895***) has been banned, why???
its funny,, i just play this game 3 days ago~

a gamer like us that love to spend our time to having some fun like me never do some lowly things like chip transferring or even team play, and also inappropriate poker play??? really??? there's like 6 people saying A** to me when i just play this game 3 days ago??? beside... poker is when someone poke you in your sore spot; involving saying a bunch of inappropriate things,and as a gambler you must maintain your emotion even in virtual world before getting drown by your emotion and make a bad decision that leading to your loss~ if some of us been banned by that reason,,, then i hope ONE DAY just ONE DAY "PHILL HELLMUTH" will be banned from all over casino in "LAS VEGAS" i even doesn't have any idea how to send images(can someone teach me how to do that???)


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