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There May be Favorable Policies for Replacing Public Lighting

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

If you need or want to change public lighting(CLASSIC)

, it's also worth asking the utility company to share the cost. Many utilities will have a favorable policy if the old lights are older than a certain age.

Why do you require new public lighting? Newer street lights may be more energy efficient. Even during the day, worn or slanted poles or fixtures can detract from the appearance of the neighbors.

In some parts of the country, it is also common for municipalities, homeowners' associations, or other entities that pay for public lighting to rent fixtures rather than from fixtures. If you rent, you will almost certainly be limited by the choice of utilities.

Sometimes municipalities maintain their own public lighting, and sometimes this burden is borne by utilities. Utilities may also offer options. In some parts of the country, private companies sell services that maintain public lighting, including the replacement of light bulbs.

Light pollution (generally unwanted light in the sky) and light intrusion (unwanted light that illuminates adjacent buildings) are also an increasingly important issue.

If light intrusion plagues residents, look forward to complaints. In the past 25 years or so, great progress has been made in providing highly oriented street lighting that does not spill over into unwanted areas.

If you need to retrofit an old street light to solve the problem of light shining into the bedroom window, the cost of the directional shield is much lower than the street that replaces the entire fixture or fixture.

Some towns have so-called dark sky regulations that require public lighting to be highly commanded and do not spill into the sky. Manufacturers also occasionally rise through the production of night sky fixtures.

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