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LED Street Lights Manufacturers Support Their Products to Not Only Provide Initial Ratings

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

It is impossible to analyze and compare LED lights, just like evaluating incandescent lamps and other traditional artificial light sources. Traditional luminaires may have watt ratings and some other measurement criteria that tell the user how the LED will operate throughout its useful life. LED lights also have their own evaluation criteria, but unlike traditional lighting, which may be abrupt or binary switching, the performance of LED lights will slowly decrease over time.

A premium Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC)

supporting its products will not only provide an initial rating. These ratings are useful, but they do not provide information on how and how LEDs can maintain their performance characteristics over time. Lumen output tests are required to complete all the information LED consumers to need to compare products from different manufacturers based on a set of objective criteria.

For example, two LEDs with the same initial lumen rating may have significantly different ratings after 30,000 hours of use. For example, an LED street lights manufacturer with LED products tested by LM-80 may add a rating to the LED package, indicating that the lamp is rated at L80 after 30,000 hours, which means that the LED will continue to be generated at least at that point of use. 80% of the initial lumen output.

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