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Understand The Role of Optics in LED Public Lighting

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The optical system in any Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)

system is a key element of the system's performance as they alter the directionality and strength of the LED source. The optics in LED common illumination may include a spatial distribution of light from the diode itself, as well as reflectors, lenses, and brackets that use mechanical blocking to cut or limit the output light. The installation of the LED public lighting system will use different optics in the LED lighting, for example, controlling the beam angle of the output light, producing edge or diffuse light, or focusing light on certain areas while limiting other areas.

Method for improving LED illumination optics

The lens can be used to diffuse light more evenly over a larger surface area. More advanced "TIR" lenses can be used to achieve a more uniform diffusion of LED common illumination on a particular surface. In addition, some lenses will filter out different wavelengths of light to create a pattern or color on different surfaces.

Reflectors sitting on LED common illumination have different shapes and sizes, with or without sub-lenses, allowing for greater light diffusion. The reflector can have a smooth or mottled inner surface to create different illumination optics, or to concentrate or diffuse illumination with the integrated lens. Brackets are the simplest form of optical in LED public lighting because they simply sit on top of the LED fixtures to mechanically block some of the light from the fixture.

A variety of optical options in LED public lighting have created new ways to generate and focus light on specific areas and optimize the benefits of this illumination for the underlying applications.

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