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Solar LED Street Light Control System Controls Charge And Discharge Mode

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The traditional solar light principle is basically the same, but the integration of solar street lights is different, it has a light, battery, battery, controller system, Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

control system to control the charge and discharge mode. If all are integrated into the light, the lead-acid battery will be replaced by a lithium battery, which is easy to install and light in weight.

Solar LED street light cost advantage:

  1. The biggest advantage of solar LED street light is that they save expensive installation and commissioning, as well as the cost of product transportation. Usually only 1/5 of the cost of traditional light. If you export to foreign countries, you only need 1/10 of traditional split solar street light.

  2. Solar LED street light has a long life of 8 years. It is the world's first lithium battery management and control technology. Compared with two years, some ordinary battery products need to be replaced. The cost of solar LED street light in future after-sales service and parts replacement can be greatly increased. Reduced, solar LED street lights usually do not need to be replaced or repaired within 8 years, even after 8 years of replacement, due to the unique product structure design, no technical support and engineers are required to complete in just a few minutes under the guidance of the user. replace.

  3. Solar LED street lights are high-efficiency solar panels, solar LED street light, long-life lithium batteries, high luminous efficiency LEDs and intelligent controllers, PIR human body sensing modules, anti-theft mounting brackets, etc., which are concentrated in one of the solar street lights.

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