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Some Obvious Problems With LED Public Lighting

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Another problem with Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)
is a cheap installation. They may have the potential to be at the heart of a smart city, but now they are awkwardly installed without knowledge or advice and may store health issues for all of us.

White LED public lighting is more energy efficient and longer lasting than the orange high-pressure sodium lamps they are rapidly replacing, but its cost is beyond economics.

The first is glare, and the new LED public lighting makes it harder to see anything in the shadows cast by cars and trees. Second, choosing a serious LED street light will produce clinical white light.

A common complaint with LEDs is that the light they produce is 'cold' or unpopular, and there is actually a strong evolutionary cause. We have evolved to relate warm red or orange light to natural light sources, such as the environment and rising sun and fire, associated with dawn and dusk, which is usually a break. But our brain recognizes blue light, which is also emitted from TV, mobile phones and computers. Just like during the day, too many things can make our natural body rhythm out of sync.

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