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The Benefits of LED Public Lighting Changes

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)

is efficient solid-state lighting (SSL) technology in which almost all energy sources produce light rather than waste heat. In addition to being more effective than high-pressure sodium (HPS) and other conventional light sources, LED public lighting has the ability to replace higher wattage HPS luminaires with lower wattage LED luminaires. E.g:

Optical Control: LED common illumination provides a uniform light distribution, while conventional light sources direct most of the light output to a small area directly below the luminaire.

Lumens depreciation: LED public lighting maintains light output for much of its long life, while the rapid depreciation of light output from conventional sources requires the use of higher wattage luminaires to maintain minimum light levels over their useful life.

Adaptability: LED public lighting can be field adjusted for different applications. LED public lighting can be easily controlled (dimmed) to save extra energy compared to HPS lighting provided only in fixed wattage.

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