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Cooperate With LED Street Lights Manufacturers to Convert to LED Street Light

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Georgetown is considering the use of grants to upgrade the current large-scale street lighting system, with more energy-efficient LED street lights, working with local Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC)

. However, the problem that local authorities urgently need to address is to balance the energy savings and potential health risks of LED lighting.

In recent days, local authorities have discussed the possibility of switching to LED street lighting covering all communities. A spokesperson revealed that the energy cost of switching from LED street lights manufacturers to LED street lights is about half the cost of traditional lighting systems.

As a green energy source, LED products have been considered in the green movement nationwide. In 2008, the “Green Community Law” was signed into law. As part of this legislation, the Ministry of Energy Resources has established a green community sector. The main purpose is to guide all 351 towns to develop towards zero net energy along the path of improving energy efficiency and renewable energy.

GCD provides grants, technical assistance, and other support to help municipalities reduce energy use and costs by implementing clean energy projects.

The Georgetown Municipal Lighting Department announced that it has received funding from DOER for the installation of LED street lights produced by LED street lights manufacturers. The upgrade project will begin early next year. LED street lights will consume 50% less energy than replacement products.

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