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How Does Solar Led Street Light Work?

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Many years ago, the idea of powering the lights by harnessing the power of the sun sounded like science fiction. But today you can see solar panels dotted on the roofs of buildings and houses, as well as street lights in some cities. Once the dream has become a reality, in fact, you can even use the solar calculator in the form of solar energy at your fingertips. If you have a garden or landscaping at home, you might even use Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

to illuminate your path at night.

Due to the photovoltaic effect, solar led street lights to work. The most important part of solar led street lights is photovoltaic or solar cells. Solar cells are the part that converts sunlight into direct current. You can clearly see that the solar cell is the dark plate at the top of the sun.

Solar cells consist of multiple layers of crystalline silicon and chemicals that produce a negatively charged electron layer and a positively charged space. When sunlight passes through a solar cell, it excites negatively charged electrons and pushes them into a positively charged space.

The positively charged space then transmits the flow of electrons as the direct current through a wire embedded in the solar cell to the battery, where it is stored until needed. As the sun continues to convert to electrical energy, the battery is fully charged throughout the day.

When the evening approaches, the solar cells stop switching and eventually disappear when the sun is weak. The photoreceptor on the light detects and turns on the light in the dark, and the light usually consists of several light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The battery then powers the lights overnight.

This process is repeated in the daily cycle. During the day, sunlight is converted to electrical energy and stored in batteries. At night, the battery powers the lamp until it is completely used up, or when the daylight reappears, the photoreceptor turns off the light.

Of course, plenty of sunlight is necessary to fully charge the battery. In the summer, this should not be a problem as long as the lights are placed where they can receive direct sunlight for most of the day. If possible, make sure there are no trees or bushes that create shadows that can affect the charging of the sun.

However, in the winter, solar led lights may not receive enough sunlight to charge the battery so that it stays lit overnight. This happens because the winter night is long and the number of days is shorter, resulting in less battery charging time. In addition, snow often comes in winter, which can block solar cells and prevent charging during the day.

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