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Can Public Lighting Reduce Crime?

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Like almost every city in the United States, the risk of crime in New York is economically disadvantaged and there are differences between the rich. Addressing this difference while maintaining a reduction in crime rates in New York City as the national crime rate rises is a key policy challenge. A promising approach is to change the physical environment, including adding public lighting(CLASSIC)

. It has long been believed that public lighting can affect crime, but so far there has never been any rigorous evidence to support this hypothesis.

The results of the lighting project have an impact on New York City and other regions. Unlike many jurisdictions across the country, New York has shown that it can reduce crime while reducing its prison population. The success of the City of New York in this area is due in large part to the recent innovations in police in the New York Police Department. The results show that environmental design can not only affect crime, but investment in physical environment changes such as new street lights can enhance New York City's efforts to promote public safety and help reduce crime-freeness across the city without resorting to construction. New prisons or imprisoning more people. There is evidence that residents appreciate the new resources introduced into the community during the lighting project: the survey results show that all two-thirds of NYCHA residents are satisfied with the new lights.

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