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what are the odds?

twmartinjrtwmartinjr Posts: 1Registered User New to the Forums

I'm at a 5 player table and have Q7, lose to the player to my left who has AA, i move to a 9 player table and get Q7, i fold the player to my left wins with AA


  • Nam_Vet_66Nam_Vet_66 Posts: 49Registered User Building Expert

    Welcome to zynga. They contend it is simply random cards but the odds on the hands I see are so high you could not calculate. Too many times last card gives a hacker just enough to beat your great hand no matter what it is. How many times have four of a kind been beat by a higher four of a kind? I have lost like that so many times I can’t count. There are hackers, mostly Middle Eastern all over the game

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