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Public Lighting Solves City Specific Problems for Chicago

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The public lighting(CLASSIC)

with LED bulbs, wireless technology, motion sensors that activate lights when passersby are close, and connection technology that reminds the city when a need to replace a light bulb can help make the street safer while saving the government money on electricity bills.

For example, the Chicago Transit Authority recently launched a $160 million public lighting project, most of which will pay for it. According to the city's press release, LED bulbs and IoT-connected devices will be 50% to 75% more efficient than traditional lighting methods, meaning that the energy costs saved will largely offset the cost of modernization projects.

At the same time, Los Angeles, an early adopter of the technology, has installed more than 80% of its streets in the past few years with LED bulbs and 4G LTE wireless technology. The city has seen the benefits of change.

The city reported that the new public lighting saved 63% of its energy costs in the first year, using connected poles to improve residential battery service, and other benefits.

But Los Angeles did not stop there. It also uses the technology in a way that helps solve city-specific problems, providing street lights with sensors that detect gunshots or other noise that may pose a threat to public safety.

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