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LED Street Lights Manufacturers Commercial LED Bulbs Replace Street Lights

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Glendale has been honored to replace all traditional high-pressure sodium arc lamps with more energy-efficient LED replacements due to plans drafted by Glendale and Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC)


The move was made with the help of Arizona State University's Sustainable City Network and LED street light manufacturers. Through this collaboration, it is estimated that it will reduce a large amount of energy use, carbon footprint, recycling, and other efforts. According to the plan, 92,000 street lights will be included in the upgrade list in the future.

Since there are 18,000 street lights in Glendale, they can save considerable unit costs if they are grouped. The local government also signed a contract with the LED street lamp manufacturer responsible for the Phoenix upgrade program and did the same in Glendale. The cost of replacing a piece of equipment is about 10 minutes.

The new LED unit has the advantage of making installation easier, replacing all LED street lights faster and more efficiently than in the past few years. LEDs will last longer and require less power and maintenance costs. After all replacement plans are completed, it is estimated that the savings will be reduced by approximately $674,000 per year.

As part of a global trend towards LED products, more and more city regulators have turned to LED street lights powered by LED street lights manufacturers to reduce costs and carbon emissions. It will inspire other valleys and sustainable cities to carry out more projects.

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