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LED Street Lights Manufacturer Supplies LED Bulbs for Kochi

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The streets of Kochi will be illuminated by new high-quality LED street lights from Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC)

. Traditional high-pressure sodium vapors will become memories of the past. The new lighting system will be implemented under the Central Government's Smart City project.

The central business districts such as MG Road and Marine Drive, as well as heritage areas such as Mattancherry and Fort Kochi, are managed by the Smart City project. The traditional high-pressure sodium lamps in these areas will be converted into LED street lights for LED street lights manufacturers. All of these lights will be controlled by a centralized main control system to provide greater efficiency and higher brightness.

The intelligent control system will intelligently control the light and automatically dim the brightness. For example, at night, it can intelligently reduce or increase lighting by means of traffic movements on the road, with the aim of reducing considerable power. Another benefit is that if there is an LED bulb error, it can be reported to the control room for quick repair.

In addition, it is widely believed that LED street lights have a longer life than conventional bulbs, thus saving a lot of money and effort for maintenance work.

These new LED street lights, serviced by LED street lights manufacturers, will provide better lighting control in terms of efficiency, lighting and service life.

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