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Illuminate The Dark Sky With Public Lighting

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Recently, some project builders are working with street light replacement projects to adopt more energy efficient public lighting(CLASSIC)

. According to the local government, Rongchang Street will install about 120 public lighting, with an investment of about 160,000 yuan.

The plan was developed because public lighting has been running for a long time for about 20 years, causing cable breakage, severe wear, and aging. The lighting effect is weaker than it can be acceptable. As a result, the streetlight replacement project has launched a more energy efficient Chinese streetlight. It is estimated that the conversion plan will end at the end of this.

Unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lamps that contain large amounts of mercury vapor, if broken, it is released into the environment, and Chinese street lamps do not contain the previous substances. It is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Chinese streetlights convert all electrical energy into light energy while reducing heat, thereby reducing energy wastage. High color rendering ensures a more realistic color performance. Traditional high-pressure sodium lamps are powered by alternating current and produce 100-120 flashes per second. Although the LED constant current supply can effectively reduce the depreciation of LED lumens. Start faster, zero light.

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