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Solar LED Street Light for Road Lighting Are Growing Rapidly

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Today, solar energy is widely used, and Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

currently used for road lighting are rapidly developing. In ample sunlight, this energy needs to be stored, which requires the use of a battery. The solar LED street light uses a lithium iron phosphate battery. So, what are the advantages of solar LED street light lithium iron phosphate battery?

Advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries compared to traditional lead acid batteries:

  1. Green and environmental protection: During the whole battery production process, the use of batteries and the disposal of used batteries have no harmful substances, no pollution to the environment, and meet the strict environmental protection requirements of North America and Europe.

  2. Light weight, small size: the same battery capacity of the battery weight is only one-third of the lead-acid battery, two-thirds of the volume, easy to install.

  3. Long service life: battery module cycle life of more than 1200 times, no memory effect, deep cycle use, statistical service life is four times that of lead-acid batteries, no professional maintenance is required during use.

  4. Short charging time: 3 to 5 hours to fill, suitable for short-term battery replacement.

  5. Safe and reliable: Compared with other materials, lithium iron phosphate battery material has high safety and is the choice of electric vehicles and solar batteries.

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