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Update policy to accommodate players needs!!!

Nannie661Nannie661 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
Soo Zynga community correct me if I’m wrong but they do not listen to our problems in regards to the outdated polices. So as society changes and laws change, Zynga needs to update there policy and give us the ability to properly merge a Zynga Poker Facebook account and a Zynga Poker account. With that being said they should also give us the ability to change a Zynga Poker Facebook account to just a Zynga poker account because what if a player has spent hundreds of dollars on chips within the app, and the time comes that the player wants to delete his/her Facebook account. How is it right to just let the player loose out on all the chips even though they spend hundreds of dollars with there real hard earned money. It shows me how lazy they are and how little they value a player. They just see us as an atm machine. I’m sure they have received plenty of requests asking for help on how to perform the action of linking or unlinking a Facebook and a Zynga poker account. If we mattered more than just another player they would have revised there policy they claim it violates to accommodate the changes of technology, just like the United States government needs to do with the laws regarding the internet as those were created when internet was first released to the public, and in all reality the internet then is nothing like the internet is today.

One last suggestion is giving us ability to actually search and add friends without forcing us both to have our Facebook accounts linked to Zynga in order to be able to search friends and send them friend requests. If you’re not linked with Facebook the only way to add a friend at the moment is to hopefully end up at the same table and send eachother friend requests. There is no reason as too why this hasn’t been changed yet except for the fact that they are lazy and don’t care to improve the game and give players an overall better experience.


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