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Suspected MultiBoxer(Cheater) of 31 accounts in League 15 with 5bn transfer. Is this a joke?

AndrewJSRAndrewJSR Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon
edited March 18 in General Discussion

Account MultiBoxer(Cheater) of 31 accounts preventing people from reaching level 30 or higher in the current league, this is simply a outrage a disgrace and flaw in the system. Im currently in level 15 bracket of the League.
Names of accused: Jocelyn, Clarke, Northwode, Saye, Thornton, Donna, Aurora, Karlene, Pansy, Phillipa, Laure, Vanna, Alica, Magdalena, Pratama Widyasmoro, Wirawan Qurniawan, Kasta Ruslian, Yuliyansih, Hassanah Juliyanti, Amaliya, Mega, Rosmalia, Rynelda, Hosea, Fadia Daming, Fachrully Melfriza, Nurul Dinanti, Nisa Pinkanatalini, Alfani, Cintia, Ariyanti.


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