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Eco-friendly Building With Solar Led Street Light

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

can even be installed in an existing parking lot because all the wiring and power required are at the top of the pole. There is no need to tear off the existing parking lot to introduce electricity outside, just set the pole, place the solar module on top, and install solar lights below, waiting for the dark. The lights will automatically illuminate at dusk and run the scheduled operational schedule required by the end user.

Since there is no need to mine the existing parking infrastructure, solar energy will save on installation costs and provide zero cost for the facility's electricity bill. This makes solar energy the first choice for many existing parking lots, and the old cables in these parking lots are beginning to fail. Solar will also provide LED points for companies seeking green solutions.

Solar led street light can be used to provide building fixtures that work well with the surrounding area. By using similar or even identical LED panels in some cases, the decorative fixture can provide the same level of illumination as a standard commercial fixture. This offers more options to meet the architectural and aesthetic requirements of the area.

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