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Repair And Install Public Lighting Projects

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The delay in repairing and installing public lighting(CLASSIC)

projects stems from higher-than-expected pipeline costs and is expected to occur later this year.

Approximately $137,000 will be used to install the catheter, and Duke Energy will install as many lights as possible, with the remaining $96,000. According to Tadych, the cost of each lamp, excluding wiring, is about $2,700, but Duke's figure has fluctuated.

The Pennswood Drive resident Mike Presta was the only resident of the streetlight project last week. Although he admired the initiative of the residents, he told the city council, "We have forgotten other people, those who may not want these lights and the rest of the city, they will have to pay for the utility bill. The lights are installed. "

“I just think it costs too much,” Presta said. “You may think that the part of the city where the lampposts and lights are installed is small, but you always tell the public that the money is tight and every penny must be seen.”

Congressman Josh Bourbach said that he "walked back and forth" on this public lighting issue. Although he saw the views put forward by the opposition, including a slight increase in lighting, Laubach said he seemed to see what these residents did.

“They came together and got their street ownership and agreed to pay it,” he said. “These people are stepping up their actions, and at least 80% agree to pay for it. I think it’s worth seeing.”

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