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Random app force close?

CJsnow99CJsnow99 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
Was mid hand with A5. Flop was 4-5-4 turn was a king river was another 4 so i had 44455 full house. Three diamonds on the board. 3 players in the hand. All check to the river. One guy bets 10 million. Into a 10 million pot. I call the 10 million. Other player folds. Then BOOM out of no where app disappears and im at my phones home screen. So i click back into the app instantly. And i see he won with a diamond flush. I was out of the app for less than 5 seconds. Then the fishy part the “winning” player instantly left the next hand. I feel super sketchy about what happened. Granted its not a TON of chips only had about 12million total in the pot, its just the fact that im pretty sure something not natural caused me to get booted from the app. Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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