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Can somebody please explain why i lost this hand?

gregorvelkovgregorvelkov Posts: 8Registered User Loose Cannon

Best Answer


  • markyboy1markyboy1 Posts: 5Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    You lost because the other player is either arab/ paskistani / turkish / asian these are the countries that zynga love to win,,,i lost 4 billion on AAAA with the new player level 3 with 400 billion and still he went in because he had 2 3 diamonds on the flop was 4 diamonds so he needed 56 diamonds to beat AAAA and of course what with zynga being he worst poker site around and rigged he duely got the cards required to beat AAAA....thats how this **** hole loves the arabs and asians

  • gregorvelkovgregorvelkov Posts: 8Registered User Loose Cannon
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