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The gift system really needs to be revamped

BigBigDaveBigBigDave Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

If someone is a high enough level, they can have a trophy so nobody can give them a gift. Why? Because often, maybe most of the time, the gifts people give others are intended as a taunt. Now before someone hops on that as a strategy, let's look at the real world. If you were playing with me and called me an **** or a donkey, I'd call you an unconscious punk, then I'd knock you out. I'm almost 7' tall, and make The Mountain from GOT look small. Seriously. You'd be stupid to try to taunt me in the real world. But here, Zynga is encouraging bad behavior that bullying jerks really like because they're protected by the anonymity of the internet. If I'm wrong, why is the reward for being high level (from Zynga!) the ability to block people from giving you a gift?

I just played a game where every time a level-205 guy lost, he gave whomever beat him a donkey. He had a trophy, so... no backsies. I bought the first donkey recipient a cup of coffee to keep things at the table friendly. Boom. High level guy gives him another donkey. Then I beat the guy one hand and I got a donkey. Eventually everyone at the table (except trophy guy, of course) had a donkey and kept buying each other cups of coffee, only to have trophy guy buy another donkey. Then he started verbally abusing another player via the chat system. I reported him, but it required me to lose the game in order to fill out the form.

Now, on the positive side, I used to be able to buy the table a beer. It's not available anymore, and although Zynga people on this forum continually say it works correctly, my birthdate is in my Facebook account, and I'm well over 21. So where did the "nice" social gifts go? I can give someone a fish now, or a flask of poison, or a box of tissues or call them an **** with a graphic, but I can't buy the table a drink?

In the middle is what happens, invariably, every time a female with a nice profile picture plays. Every time, some guy gifts her a flower or something else. Maybe the guy thinks he's being nice, but I'd wager most of the women are a bit creeped out by it.

Give us the option to turn off receiving gifts. If you want to get really fancy (it's about 10 more lines of code), let people choose whether they can get (and consequently receive) each type of gift - if someone is in AA, maybe they don't want a beer. That's a checkbox. Done. If you can't receive a given gift (or any gifts) - either by checking a box or using a trophy, you can't give them. If someone doesn't want to be called an ****, they forfeit the ability to gift that to anyone else, but they can check a box. Done.


  • BigBigDaveBigBigDave Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Awesome. The forum automatically censored the short "a--" word for donkey. You know, the one that's in the Bible 87 times (seriously). But it's OK to gift someone one in the game. If they interpret it as "a--," that's "strategy," according to Zynga.

  • kewi161kewi161 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I've been so disappointed with Zynga tweaking the game for greed that the donkey is My first year was a humble winning year with proud moments of strategic wins ... I play the same now and end up losing to a junk hand 99% of time. By 3 games in I'm broke. I'm at level 250 and don't receive any level up bonuses any more and the other bonuses are a joke. The players at the table are all demonic and unacceptable. I will not spend my own money on a game that sucks the fun and confidence right out of your soul, I'll be glad when you've made enough to support your exwife's drug habits and your **** addiction so I can have what use to be the best poker app out there back! I don't like the other apps set up. MAN, you have a good game here, Zynga.... Wish it wouldn't have changed the vision you once had. Enjoy the wealth.... **** won't let you have it down there when you die.

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