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What about cheat hack users?

ginsangel2ginsangel2 Posts: 14Registered User Pumpkin
Massive amounts of cheat users in this game. Over 500 million chips in a 80 million buy in and we barely get by. No choice but to neliece this player uses cheats. So done with this site. Waste your money to buy chips I wont again.


  • ginsangel2ginsangel2 Posts: 14Registered User Pumpkin
    Why hasnt there been any answers to this, because it's true. Zynga caters to the foreign players and there is no doubt about it. They steal they cheat and have the backing of the company. If this company who is also in the u.s. hasn't done anything to change this then why are they here. I forgot. Land of the free
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