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Solar Led Street Light Warranty Coverage And Customer Service Response

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

The warranty for Solar led street light(classicledlight)

systems is very important. The system's one-year warranty does not guarantee that the system can even reach one year. The system costs only a few thousand dollars, but if you need to pay a replacement fee every year or every two years, you may end up spending more after a few years of operation. Conversely, ensuring that systems purchased for 25 years or more will significantly reduce overall project costs, not only in the first year but also in the years to come.

How does the customer service department respond when there is a problem? Do they support their products and answer your questions? Or do they leave you in the dark and stop responding after the purchase is complete? Talk to the manufacturer and get a reference.

Anyone can provide the service, but the products offered to differ in service and confidence. We will always seek to go beyond customer service and help when you need it most.

Ningbo Golden Classic Lighting Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer in LED outdoor lighting and lighting poles.

Products scope involves led Street lights, Flood lights, Solar lights, Garden lights, Highbay, Lawn lights and Lighting poles. Welcome OEM and ODM projects. Our slogan is Manufacture super quality products to world.We are looking for long business relation with clients with good quality and fair price.

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