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A couple questions...

DarkNexusDarkNexus Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
  1. I've been playing several months now (lvl 68) and I've been trying to get any kind of trophy. I know you get one when you turn lvl 100. I've played in Sit-n-Gos and events. But I have yet to see a "Sit-n-Go Duel" or any other sort of event that supposedly awards trophies. Am I missing something? How do you earn a trophy these days??
  2. I keep hearing and reading about leagues, but I see nothing in my profile, on my dashboard, or anywhere else in the game for that matter that mentions anything about leagues or how to participate in them. Are they still around and active? If so, how do I get into one? What do they do for you?


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