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Information bar at the top of the screen in gameplay

Scotsman62Scotsman62 Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

I'm just wondering if it's possible to have the information bar that appears at the top of the page every time a friend comes online, removed, as we already have a notification at the bottom left of the screen in a circle, which tells us how many of our friends are online, which we can look at, at any time if we wish to, the information bar appears right across the top two players at the table and most of the time, won't disappear until we click on the cross to close it, it stops us seeing what the top two players are saying and also what hands they have once a round ends, if say, I have about 8 friends online, the bar will appear at the very least, once a minute and this can be very annoying when playing poker, also if you get friends that send requests to come to another table and keep on doing it, the bar is practically all of the time, if this information bar can't be removed, then how about moving it somewhere unobtrusive on the page, away from the gameplay, so that it's not distracting, thanks


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