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No doubt this game is run by computer

Nam_Vet_66Nam_Vet_66 Posts: 49Registered User Building Expert

This game played well for a few months. I was up to $1.2B. Suddenly over the past 6 weeks I have been losing hand after hand (mostly on last card) by the narrowest of margins. For instance, usually by a one card higher on a kicker, a one card higher on a flush, a one card higher on a straight, etc. Playing the same way I have always played, changing nothing, I have lost $300MM in a 6 week period.

I understand a losing streak but when your winning percentage drops from 32% to less than 4% playing the same cards as always something seems not quite right. For instance, when I gat a hand worth betting on and I increase the ante ever minimally 4 other players fold without even seeing the flop. If I make a minimum after the flop the table folds.

I believe the programmers do this with bots to try to make you to buy chips. This used to be a great program to play until these things began to happen. The old adage “you can never get something for nothing” holds true here.


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