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SeffieSeffie Posts: 1Registered User New to the Forums
So. I need some help/ suggestions?

Basically. I have 2 accounts. One is an old facebook account. And the other is a zynga poker account.

My facebook acct has like 2 m in chips. (Old)
My zynga has like 43m in chips. (Newer acct)

So recently I've been trying to play poker with my uncle. He has a Facebook acct and I cant seem to add him as a friend on my zynga acct being hes on a facebook acct.

I can play with him on my facebook account. But then I cant use the 43 m chips I have on my main account.

Is there any sort of way to add him on my Zynga account or can I combine my 2 accounts? So I'm connected to facebook but able to keep my balance?


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