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dealing to kill games fast

cornicorni Posts: 27Registered User Clueless Cookie
edited November 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback

Finally seen the light. Zynga Poker reset this game with no options of keeping the old game because they have the games rigged to kill the players and end the game FAST. Quick rising blinds so even the tightest players will get blind'ed out! Might work on some but not me! From today you can shove your leagues. That is a BIG CON ANYWAY! You cannot win enough games each week to get a weekly promo. Too many stitch up hands being dealt.

From NOW I will be playing 1 million tables ONLY. I don't care if I end up in league ZERO! I have been watching the leagues and seems to me most are stitched up with cheats and bots! ZYNGA BOTS? Wouldn't surprise me at all!

I wonder what other players think? Be interesting to read your comments!



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