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This game sucks

koldonadi1981koldonadi1981 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
I literally jus went fr dislike 2 hating this phucking gam. sadly it doesn't matter wat ur ?s or complaints r this company refuses 2 listen 2 whatever a customer has a problem wit as long as they get ur $ they r fine. Fr the inappropriate comments that r sexist, homophobic, religious discourse & mos important the racist things ppl say. On top of all that they allow ppl wit billions 2 play lower tables meant 4 players with a few thousand, & they play lik **** by goin all in on every single hand b4 the flop knowing that it will wipe out the other players hands. I literally seen an **** play 22 game straight & go all in b4 the flop, & it doesn't matter if u switch tables becaus 90% of the time there's @ least 1 **** @ evry table.


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