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How do I solve this.

eclaireeclaire Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

Does anyone know how to solve this? My poker app on FB was working just fine in the morning, then in the afternoon, I started getting this screen. My husband, who is quite capable of fixing these issues, couldn't figure it out. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it. We've followed the directions on the screen to no avail. I'm guessing it's another extension causing the problem. Does anyone know which to check for? Why would it be fine in the am and giving me issues in the pm?


  • EnidEnid Posts: 9Registered User Loose Cannon

    Hmm no idea what that is but i am having issues getting on from facebook to zynga something about cookies than facebook saying zynga is not secured..been trying to get on for a hour nothing yet!! even downloaded another browser thought that was the prblem but its not

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