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game is so FIXED

Sylvia RodwellSylvia Rodwell Grand PoohbahPosts: 95Registered User Chocolatier

this is NOT a fair game site and will never be. 99.9% of the time the player who goes in high first will ALWAYS win it. No matter what cards you have those idiots who have no idea how to play poker and just bet high just for the **** of it always , always win . Just watch the games and you will see what happens , decent players DO NOT stand a chance. And you zynga encourage the jerks by rewarding them. So don't say this is a fair game site as it is N O T .


  • celiahumceliahum Posts: 32Registered User Forum Traveller
    edited October 2018

    Decent players only win their share of the games. Which of course means a net loss. It doesn't matter how well you play. Your AA will get beaten by idiots going all-in with 74, scoring trip 444 on the river. Zynga wants to keep the fish playing, that's why the fish also win their share (= equal to yours), even when playing really bad.

    I haven't yet found a decent site with SitnGo, but as soon I find one I'll be gone forever.

  • This_game_is_fixedThis_game_is_fixed Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    Yeah this game is soooo far from real poker, for one the computer picks a player and they will win most of the hands & it always seems like the player will win the tournament too.. But what gets me is how the game will go out of its way to screw you, you and another player have the same 3 aces but they have the king kicker over your queen .., Or you have a straight, but they have the high end of the straight too, & my all time favorite, you have a flush but the have the full house, now in real poker people don't get 3 fu!l boats in a row.. Plus in this game if you get pocket aces fold, out of the couple dozen times I've had them I've only won one time, once! That sickening and I fact this game is too i hate it so much this will be the last time I ever log on to ganky i mean zynga again. It's sad that this game cheats players who really know how to play and will pick the **** who goes all in every time to win.. It's a foul game and I am so sick of looking at the same reptilian dealer game after game too...
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