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hackers/cheaters/ teams!

dumdumdumdum Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon

this game is no fun any more... I have studied poker for years... now not even that is to be trusted, as 90% of the players at my tables are cheaters. I have tried and tried again at reporting them... 2pair, snake eyes,duce's, ajax etc,etc and they keep coming back... i have a portfolio of these cheaters ... they may change their avatars but they cant change their stats... but now I am seeing repeat hackers with 0% scores back on the tables... I JUST HATE it. I love poker and the skill and luck involved.. but this has stripped all the joy and skill from the game, with these **** idiots.


  • jaleonarjaleonar Posts: 14Registered User Pumpkin

    I agree, I also do screen shots and report in game , and I was banned from being able to report for a week. Every game I see the cheats with the false names, how can they do it , I cant call my player donkey can I , so how do they do the false names, theonly way is that they are done by zynga because fb wont let you call yourself donkey or winner or any other stupid name

  • celiahumceliahum Posts: 32Registered User Forum Traveller

    @jaleonar said:
    Every game I see the cheats with the false names, how can they do it

    These are default names, given to players who log in as guests.

  • dumdumdumdum Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon

    Logged in as guests... really means a player has a phone/or2/or 3 and is cheating with their main profile.... It sucks.... it raely does ... If I was not so anti cheating I would clean up a table....but that kind of cheating is so beneath me... but zanyga makes money from it so they let it just happen... I just lost 10mill chips to a level 1 who hd played 20 games and we were at the last 5 of a 9 player tourney. I am recording these games. Fair online gaming??????? "my dogs ****!!!!!!" it is.

  • resmanresman Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    There are a lot of cheats in the game. They are either cheats or placed there by zinga so that players can lose and keep buying chips. Another thing I noticed that about 3 times now I have won over 200 mill by starting with free chips and have lost all because I did not start with a buy. Just yesterday I was playing and a cheat got two full houses in a row. Is that possible? I lost 32 mill just like that. And in both hands I started with a 3 of a kind. Buckle up zinga!!!! There are more interested games I would rather spend my money on. Like PUBG
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