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League standing & missing league chip

TxgalTxgal Posts: 16Registered User Muffin

This morning while I was playing, my league standing suddenly dropped to 96, & most of this week’s league winnings disappeared. What happened?


  • TxgalTxgal Posts: 16Registered User Muffin

    Zynga contacted me this afternoon. They said they identified a server error that affected most of the players. They said they could not restore my league standing, but credited me with an extra $500,000,000 in chips.

  • robkee74robkee74 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I went to customer support, they said they couldn't do anything about the loss. However, they did give me a considerable amount of chips to compensate me for the loss. Give them an email, they pretty quick to respond.


  • ProsaicProsaic Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon

    Yet those of us who have lost all our chips several times since the beginning of September are being told that the erratic disappearance of chips is our fault - and there is nothing wrong with the servers!!!!

  • morjanniemorjannie Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon

    I have the same problem. Had over 3 billion in chips, is away from the computer for half an hour and so the balance was in 0. This has happened 3 times- I have written for zynga support and got my chips back, changed code 3 times, as zynga said I should and now they will not give me my chips anymore. Zynga has to be able to see who's entering the account every time, writing in 0 or as it used to happen to me, just doing less - much less and finally at 0. This is certainly not in order from Zynga's side. - clear

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