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Suspended by buying chip on ur WEB ?

FathurreffendieFathurreffendie Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

Hello there,
Want to ask, why i get suspended ?
i didnt do any illegal content,transfer chip,team work,buy or sell chip.
last i play is arround 12 hour,usually i play at 50m-100m table
and when i reach 10b chip, i going table 500m-1000m
and just now i want play again and my account get suspended ? why is it ?
looks,i buy chip on ur web, when i win games why i get suspended ?
seems like not fair for me,
im never harrasing people,never do any illegal content.
so,please explain it to me,what is my fault ?
and look it man,im not new in here,already arround 10 years i play this game.
but why , always get banned when i win game ?
so,please give it back because i didnt do any mistake.didnt break your rules.
im waiting, thanks for your attention,
just check my logs please, did i do something illegal or no ?
i swear u will not found any one, all i have is buying chip on ur web.

id : 32990039300
email : [email protected]


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