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Why does the Zygga Poker developers release a new version without any clue of how it will work?

keystonecopkeystonecop GrasshopperPosts: 20Registered User Delightful Duckling

I am on the good old working version, I send chips to my friend on the new version, He does not get them. I play the slot machine on the good old version and post for my friend to play. He Plays the slot but gets no credit for me playing his. When He Plays on the new version it does not post on facebook. I can see when he is on the new version , he cannot see me or join me at a card game because I am on the old working version.
When I play SitnGO I just to choose my seat. The new version just puts you in a game and seat. Don't I have the right to see who I will be playing with before taking my money.

Please suggest the name of any other poker site where you can still play with frienda. Zynga has destroyed friendships .


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