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Incorrect charges from ZyngaPoker on my account - bank refund needed

Sebastian79Sebastian79 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star


I've been incorrectly charged by ZyngaPoker for two random purchases that I did not make. I've been trying to contact the right person to resolve this problem but have not had any luck so far (facebook worker and the gaming support team told me to contact the Zyngapoker customer service through the game settings but I cant see any clea contact and the refund application option keeps declining my report).

Would really appreciate if anyone has the contact details for ZyngaPoker customer service or if one of the team are viewing this post please contact me.

Basically I need to find out what these two charges to my bank account are for and find out if someone has hacked my account/if there was an incorrect charge. I have no idea what the charges are even for.

Thanks in advance for your help - thanks for any responses.


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